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Visit the Historical Center

Among its streets you can find pieces of Mexican history. In the Plaza de Armas there is the house of La Corregidora, the House of the Marquesa, the Theater of the Republic or the Casa de la Zacatecana Museum. Take a legends tour, you will enjoy it a lot.

Also don't miss the surprising Aqueduct, a 1,298 m long symbol of the city, built for the Capuchin nuns in the 18th century, and the Hill of Bells, one of the city's emblematic sites, where Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg was shot. and to generals Miguel Miramón and Tomás Mejía.

Get to know La Peña de Bernal and San Sebastián Bernal

One of the most visited magical towns due to its great charm. Its giant monolith, the Peña de Bernal, is a place full of mysticism for walks with surprising views, extreme sports and “energy charges.”

For its artisan bread, you will always want to return; also for their nopal stalk stews (not from tender nopalitos, but from the heart of the stalks) and the stuffed cracked corn gorditas. Also, there is a huge range of charming restaurants.

Walk through the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro

Another of the tourist places in Queretaro are the five Franciscan missions built in the 18th century. They have been named a World Heritage Site within the territory of the Sierra Gorda. One of them, the Landa Mission, preserves the most complex iconography on its façade, an example of the syncretism that was experienced in the country.

The views that the places in this mountain range have are breathtaking! The Sótano de Barro or the Mirador de Cuatro Palos are totally majestic. And its dazzling biodiversity has earned it the title of Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve.

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Hotel Hacienda Lagunillas

Just 15 minutes from the Civic Center of the City of Querétaro, Hotel Hacienda Lagunillas is located . This magical Hacienda is called Lagunillas because it is located in the town of the same name, in the Municipality of Huimilpan, 17 km from the City of Querétaro. It was built in the first half of the 18th century, specifically in the year 1736. At Hotel Hacienda Lagunillas we have 21 Suite Rooms, 9 of them located in the center of La Hacienda, under the framework of Colonial Architecture, these are spacious and comfortable. Hacienda Suites are sheltered by a beautiful space called Patio De Los Naranjos. The remaining 12 Suite Rooms are located in the upper part of the Vineyards of La Hacienda, which gives them a spectacular view from the interior of the Suites through a large window that allows you to appreciate and enjoy the best view of the Vineyards.